I was talking to Mia when I saw my wae walking towards me in the hall.
by red hair babe October 2, 2017
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Worst Asian Ever. Being excessively bad a video games, not driving a Honda Civic, inept at using chopsticks, never got past yellow belt in martial arts, absolutely incompetent with the violin and piano, hates racquet sports, and being taller than 5 foot 10.
Dude, he's wae, he doesn't even watch anime.
by waugh December 2, 2006
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Iconic phrase of Yeonjun when Beomgyu tries to put flour on him instead of the cup
To Do ep
Yeonjun: wae wae wae waee wae wae waee AH WAEEEE
by udidntknowthisexisted May 30, 2022
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Part of a popular meme known as Ugandan Knuckles and is said by a morphed version of the Knuckles character from Nintendo. This meme appears most on VRchat and is based around many of these "Ugandan Knuckles" crowding around someone they name as their "Queen". They name people as attackers and in revolt against said person. They will rally their brothers (more of these Ugandan Knuckles) and chase their "attacker" chanting "Spit on him". Another part of this meme is Ebola. They claim that one must have Ebola to "know da wae". On VRchat these sayings are chanted many times with various clucking and clicking in between. Videos of this meme can be found on YouTube if you would like to know more.
Do you know da wae
I know da wae
My queen, She know da wae.
You must have Ebola to know da wae
Brothers! Spit on him, because he doesn't know da wae.
by HumanBeingWithArmsAndLegs February 2, 2018
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