438 definitions by Kevin

Used by guys referring to his penis being buried in a womans vagina to the hilt or up in them guts.
I was buried so deep in her I was up in them guts.
by Kevin February 22, 2005
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A very attractive female that exhibits great beauty and sexiness while maintaining cute lovable charm
Ashley is a cutie-pie!
by Kevin April 23, 2004
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I've starving. Wanna bounce to IHOP?
by Kevin January 29, 2003
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an individual who is willing to sacrifice themlives of other people's children so long as his children are not at risk.
one who would have his country revert back to the 19th century if he could find any way to make it happen.
an individual who is willing to lie to the whole world in order to coax them into war.
a total assclown. see also George W. Bush
i can't believe George told the whole world that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, and now, thousands of deaths later there aren't any.
by kevin December 28, 2004
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in a competition of skill getting beaten very, very badly
man if you went 1 on 1 with LeBron you would get worked.
by kevin November 29, 2003
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Cat face has a big cat face, with the body of a cat, and the face of a cat, and he flies through the air because he's got a cat face.

Basically one giant head and a little body, cat face is a minimally anthropomorphic cat which can talk in a French accent but thinks that moths are legal tender and that rubbing something with his face makes it his. Gives sage advice to those that need it. Also tends to be a bit long-winded.
*looking for something to eat*
Cat face: There is no ash flavored with fish in here. There is no poopy wood products favored with beef. What is this? This is no good for me. I must go to the shops, yes.

Cat face: See? I'm rubbing you. There you go. You safe in here. You belong to me.
Old lady: This is a lovely room dearie, but I need to go get my pension.

How about those ash treats shaped like a fish, so you are under the illusion you are eating a fish, but you are not. You are eating the ash.
Store clerk: Not today, no.
Cat face: But ash is very important in my diet! And to my people too! What are you, some sort of catist? That's right, yes, I said it.
Store clerk: We've got real meat treats you kn...
Cat face: You are very funny. You talk, but all I hear is silliness.

Cat face: Cleaning products should be bought from a store, kids, not for the silly prices on your doorstep. 4.99 for scrubbing gloves? What are they made of, huh, diamonds? You should hope not, because that would be scratchy, like my claw.
by Kevin March 06, 2009
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A person that has a vagina that is really big and can fit two tampons in it.
Ben said that girl had a wide-set vagina.
by Kevin May 04, 2004
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