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Like crap or shit
Guy- Oh dib that guy just got shot
Girl- Oh shit.
by kevin February 12, 2004
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the foam that piss makes in tha can.
you can tell that he didn't flush. the spooma is still there.
by kevin March 7, 2005
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Ford's fullsize suv counter part to the K5 blazer, 4wd vehicle convertible, later on came in eddie bauer, eventually the downsize version took over much like the s10 for k5, becoming the bronco II, the bronco, like its chevrolet cousin would share the same fate of extinction.
Nice bronco, does it have 4wd?
by kevin January 27, 2005
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The 4th album/2nd EP released by the great band Alice In Chains. It contains 7 songs and was/still is the ONLY ep EVER to be #1 on the charts, let alone debut at it. Take that Godsmack.
How many EP's have debuted at #1? Just Jar of Flies.
by kevin September 25, 2004
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Shaonme is short for "Shine on Me." This is derived from someone who just lit it up in their sport/activity and wants everyone to pay close attention to them and to get out of the sunlight or moon light so it can Shine on them. Cuz they're the shit
After scoring a sick goal in soccer Cool guy runs over to the sideline and says yo Shaonme nigga. and the other team cries cuz they know he's the shit and there is nothing they can do about it
by kevin September 29, 2004
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Boogaloo is a certain dance when u swing ur shoulders up and down real quick!
Hey ya'll jump on the flo' do break ya neck and get a little boogaloo too!!!!!
by kevin February 4, 2004
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