Where jihadists daren't go in trying to Islamize infidels unless they don't mind going to hell sooner than later to meet up with ex-dictators Kim Jong Il and Kim Il Sung.
ISIS or the Taliban is no match for Dictator Kim Jong Un's trained killers, if these Mohammedan jihadists dream of going to North Korea to set up their Caliphate.
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by MathPlus May 31, 2017
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The one place on earth that is scarier even during the day than Detroit is at night.
Your chances of survival are far better in Detroit at night than they are in North Korea in broad daylight.
by Doki Doki Attack! November 30, 2009
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The only place in the world where poor, skinny, overworked plebs must bow their broken backs before giant golden statues of a morbidly obeese geezer with an ugly haircut, or risk losing their lives.
As an American I could never go to North Korea, but after reading Find True North by Richard Li, I just want to help those people even more.
by hinatahyuga March 28, 2015
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A country that oppresses its people, and has threatened the US with a nuke.
If the North Korean government launches a nuke at us, we'll blow them back to the stone age.
by ZackShafter April 08, 2013
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The most worthless "country" in the world. Their "WMDs" can only fly 35 seconds before falling apart. Their soldiers are starving and are still using low-quality guns and equipment dating back to the end of WW2. The people have no food to eat, yet the dumbass leader Kim Jong Il spends 700 grand USD on Hennessy Cognac every year.
by VirusHouse November 03, 2007
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No. 1 retarded country in the world ruled by a retarded fatass psycho who only cares about himself and spends millions on nuclear weapons but can't even feed his people, causing them to become cannibals. Uses weapons and technology that date back to the mid 1900s. Depends on China to survive. Threatens Asian neighbours and USA but the threats are considered as jokes. Laughing stock of the world.
South Korean guy: Why can't North Korea just unite with us?
Kim Jong Un: North Korea, the best of the best!

Normal dude: It's amazing that North Korea still exists, even with the help of China.
Faggot: What the hell is North Korea?
by Mr Confident July 16, 2016
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