What mothers say when their child asks them if they're looking but they're not actually.
Child: "Hey mother are you looking at what I'm doing?"

Mother: "Yeah, I'm looking".
by TheWordSubmitter April 13, 2017
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The generic comeback to any criticism of your appearance. Works for anything.
Person #1: Your shirt is tucked into your underwear. You look like a douche who can't dress himself.

Person #2: That's the look I'm going for!
by Feelgoodinc November 2, 2009
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A funny video where someone of aisan descent makes fun of the avarage american
"Hey bobby, look look, I'm american-

I think I'll use my credit card...
Do you guys have anything non dairy?
...Anything gluten-free?
by Deeth nuth June 29, 2023
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When someone post an image that is the topic your looking for, you use this word
My friend: Posts image of killing gacha
Me: AHH yes this is the topic i'm looking for
by VB3009 January 8, 2021
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