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A disease found commonly among those who use 1 ply toilet paper. Occurs when finger breaks paper boundry resulting in a horrid stench of the digits.
DAMN... poofinger again!
by Michael Cunningham January 27, 2004
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Inserting the index finger into an unsuspecting subjects butt hole and shouting "Poo finger". Laughter usually follows the poofinger, except the subject who is left mildly disgusted and scarred.
Group of people. one sticks their finger in another one of their asses...
by Jordan Klein February 12, 2004
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when you put you finger into your boxers and gather up the sweet and poo onto your finger and rub it under someones nose, leaving the smell under thier nose for hours
tadgh - "it smells of ass round here"
rob - *in hysterics*
tadgh - "rob did you poo finger me?"
by mattyboy555 January 12, 2010
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the act of getting fingered in the ass. the result is a poo finger
person A: i was watching a porn. its was hot, but then the chick fingered her asshole.. and it had to smell.. like like like...
person B: like a poo finger?
person A: whats that
person B: look it up at
by shortbusguy July 20, 2006
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When your fingers break through cheap toilet paper and unfortunately make contact with pooy anal passage.
James said:
'Oh dear, Co-op own toilet paper caused me to have poo fingers.'
by Poo Fingers March 03, 2009
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When you poop and get said poop all over your fingers
Kyle: Kasey is taking a shit again, she probably has poo fingers
Alyssa: Why are you telling me this?
by Dr Richard Monroe May 24, 2018
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Custom single-finger glove designed to cover a surgically installed anus on the tip of one's own left index finger.
Did you hear about the Asian guy born without an anus? He saved his money until he was 55 so he could finally get it plumbed. Hope he had enough savings leftover for his Poo Finger.
by Dub Dub Lifer March 28, 2011
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