To miss someone greatly. Typically in reference to a loved one.
baby, i missles you.

i missles you too honey
by Xie Yiping March 27, 2008
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"This guy is offending me. Ima drop a missle on him."

"Well, missles go boom and they're dangerous, and i don't wanna start a war...."

"So you want one too?"

"Umm.... nope"
by thisisgaymerica September 13, 2018
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A Sexual position where in a man thrusts his erect member into a woman's inner labia while incerting a similarily sized vibrator into her ass hole without her knowing it's coming causing her to thrust her hips forward, open her mouth to the air, and yell out a loud piercing sound, much like that of a falling missle.
I showed that girl the Missle and her body got so straight ands so hard so fast I had to hold on just to stay in her.
by Nibbay. September 07, 2009
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Another version of or word for grenade

The girl that nobody wants but a friend must extract her so that his buddies can fuck her hot girls.

The ugly girl out of the hot friends.
Lets go to the club.
Nah man, i heard theres alot of missles.

Dude, that chick is a missle.
Yeah but shes dtf
by LALALALALAyeeah January 09, 2011
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People-Propelled poop projectile
Something that occurs after a long night of drinkin with the posse. Best deposited at work, a pubic shitter or a friends house. Never drop a Sewer Missle at home unless you have the extra cash for Rotor-Rooter.
by DFlowers December 13, 2011
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