foul, rancid, bitter, or otherwise unpleasant to the palate; disgusting; poor flavor
cook1: "Ugh, this stew tastes like ass."
cook2: "I'll say. It tastes like old cayenne pepper steeping in hot Guinness."
cook1: "I think I'm going to be sick."
cook2: "Me, too."
by no-one of consequence November 13, 2003
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Stacked like Ass: The saying which can represent both something being very awful, or very good (as in attractive.)
"Wow" said the unloader, "that pallet is "Stacked Like Ass", I better fix it.

And Later:

"Did you see that woman, she was "Stacked Like Ass."
by The unloaded unloader October 16, 2006
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To feel extremely tired, yucky, sick, wore out.
Man, I feel like ass today. Must've been all the stuff I drank last night.
by RavenX May 13, 2003
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feel like ass- usually occurs when being sick or the morning after after a kick-ass party. feeling like ass is to feel down, shitty, etc..
hang-overs, symtoms of the flu and cold and a massive puke factor are ways of feeling like ass; " hey man we should go out and party tonight, i heard they're going to have some sick shit there" " nah.. i'm good, i've got a hang-over from last night and i can't stop barfing. i feel like ass."
by nicole renae February 13, 2006
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