a word also substituted by fire because nobody will fucking believe you any more. In the gaming world people will use this world for shooting the shit ouy of an enamy.(or not)
"help im being fired" or "I just raped thated bith with my BAR"
by evan redmond February 16, 2008
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people who pass unconstitutional laws that rape my rights like the assholes who invented property tax. No one has actually owned property in 100 years! If you don't pay your property tax (rent to assholes in washington) the government assholes take your property away, sell it to other assholes, and do something gay with the money. traitors and assholes alike!
the assholes who invented property tax are those fucking socialists the same assholes who gave us "temporary" income tax to rape my spending power, fucking welfare to rape my paycheck, and allowed assholes in banks to invent money to lend but keep the real money profits. bank assholes who mismanage the imaginary money spread the loss around to people with jobs or assets and pocket the real money again. treasonous assholes.
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Verb: To rape.

1)To take something without asking.

2)To borrow something from somebody, without their full consent.

(British regional)
1) "I had to rape three texts off my sister's phone last night. She still doesn't know."
2) "Do you need to borrow a phone?"
"Nah, it's okay, I raped Jo's."
by Desree91 February 8, 2010
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1. Pwn To pwn someone or to be pwned by someone else. Usually on an online video-game.

2. A weird threat to use on an online video game. Doesn't have to be online.
1. Aww man we got raped on Cod4 last night
Did you see the game last night? The Red Sox totally raped the Yankees.

2. That friggin tker is such a noob! I am going to rape him!
I am going to rape my dog for takin' a shit inside the house!
by Motorman69 March 1, 2009
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1.humiliatingly beating someone in a game , or 2.something is really good in general
1. aaron:dude u just got raped in Halo 3

2. dude that cake raped !

3 also a crunchrape
by ashbee14 January 4, 2009
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when you own someone at any kind of competitive thing. a better word for 'own' or 'pwnd'.
Instead of sayin sumn like "wow I just owned you", say "wow i just raped you"

I just RAPED you at Halo bitch!
Haha that fool got punched in da face like a bitch! RAPE!
Ill fuckin rape you at any video game!

by rAAAPE September 1, 2006
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Something people with small dicks or tits do. A way high and drunk people get it in with randoms. What you yell multiple times when someone touches you in an abnormal way, or anyway at all; whether it's your friend, or a creepy old man. Also, can sing a song about it.
ex. 1: Joe- Tommy and Gina did it last night.

Zoey- But Tommy has a small dick..

Joe- He probably raped her.

ex. 2: *Emily grabs Jamie's shirt* Jamie *at top of lungs*: RAPE!! RAPE! RAPE! RAPE!

ex. 3: *Emily grabs Jamie's shirt* Jamie: "STOP! don't touch me there! this is my private square! R-A-P-E! GET YOUR SMALL DICK OUT OF ME!"
by ispeaktruth11 November 24, 2010
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