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To contribute money for a specific purpose or for the good of the group. Informal

The phrase may derive from the act of passing around a hat, into which contributors would "throw in" some money.
"Another six-pack of Hamm's? I'll throw in for that!"

Not: "There's orphans starving in Haiti? I'll throw in for that!" Situation too formal or grave.
by Pahoehoe October 25, 2012
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(Verb) Join up, become part of a group, generally a group that is going to go do something mischievous and/or unlawful. In an MMO, it means to become part of a questing/PvE party or PvP party.
Not that this is completely different from throwing in the towel.
Dan: Bob and I are gonna go somke some weed and egg a house, you coming?
Frank: Sure, I'll thrown in for that shit any day.

Lamerrr: LF2M BRD
Dissonance: BRD? I'll throw in, as long as you don't ninja loot anything.
by dissonance November 16, 2005
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To give someone a lie, or to bullshit them. Also, to direct someone off the path to the truth.
When Geezie went lookin fo his ho, the brothas told him they aint seen da bitch, while all along they was doin her in da Hummer.
Geezie said "Man, you just throwin me, ya'll knows where she's at" and when I findz her, I'm-a pop a cap in her azz.
by Kevin Duplantis November 07, 2007
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add something for free,
include something, typically at no extra cost, with something that is being sold or offered.
"they cut the price by $100 and throw in an AC adaptor"
by navyphan August 07, 2018
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