442 definition by Kevin

Abbreviation for Vanderbilt University
The student liked to work hard and party hard thus applied to Vandy.
by Kevin March 30, 2005

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To recieve oral sex from a male or female.
I'm looking for da chewin.
You know that girl chewin.
by Kevin December 19, 2003

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The best producer of all time.

Dj Quik has some of the best funknig beats around!
by Kevin September 23, 2003

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a name for your sweet lover
I love you my little pookey
by kevin December 09, 2003

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A genre of music using no instruments besides vocals.
Examples of groups are Rockapella, Three Men and a Tenor, and Ascending A Cappella.
by Kevin December 06, 2003

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Friends, dudes, guys, buddies, pals, amigos, bros, chill partners.
When it was time to go I kissed the homies as is custom.
by Kevin December 11, 2019

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Nickname for Patagonia fleeces that are largely worn by fraternity brothers.
The fratty kid wore a fratgonia fleece.
by Kevin April 12, 2005

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