403 definitions by Jon

A dick loving hippie who is needed to be assasinated up the ass
You need to kill that shlongmo
by Jon December 19, 2004
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A boner so large it leaves you in shock.
OMG!! That girl had a electrc boner.

Jon is my electric boner.
by Jon November 20, 2003
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a fat kid from northern new jersey who smokes a lot of marijuana.
"yo enis, you got the herb?"
by Jon June 04, 2004
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one of many large cars that men purchase to conceal the diminutive
nature of their "manhood."
That guy was born with a little dick, so he bought an Escalade to feel
like a man.
by Jon March 19, 2004
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One of the most successful trilogies of all time, in the forms of literature and film. It chronicles the parallel adventures of Frodo Baggins, and Aragorn, Heir of Gondor.

For some reason, people on UrbanDictionary.com feel that they have to compare this trilogy to J.K. Rowling's seven-part book/movie series Harry Potter
The Lord of the Rings should have swept every single Oscar.
by Jon February 07, 2004
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"America's Finest News Source." A satirical that makes fun of American politics and pop culture.
This article by The Onion is hilarious!
by Jon December 31, 2003
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