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The sound you make when you pound Lucas' mom.
"Thwapt thwapt thwapt"
by Jon October 22, 2003
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Probably the best rts ever. It was the groundbreaker for all other rts's, it made commands like "attack here" become noticably needed.
Tiberian Sun was the last great game made by Westwood. Ever since EA took over, things have gotten shitty.
by Jon May 01, 2005
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battery indicater on mobile phone
"I've only got two tits of life on my phone"
by Jon November 01, 2003
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the real way to spell weiner. can be used to describe the penis. or simply a hot dog. or someone who is a whimp.
Suck my weenor. or Let's go buy weenors. You are a weenor.
by Jon February 21, 2005
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A weird little (not literal) individual whos real name is louisa. she can be found hanging at the wall or winnign cookery competitions. other examples of nicknames are:
spuds sis
flushing wiz
tic tac
a: where's weez?
b: at the wall
a: kewl, lets go.
b: sure
by Jon April 05, 2004
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