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One of the sweetest, kindest, funniest guys. He stands up for his girl, but he's shy around most other girls. He's honest, and the "No guy will pass my inspection" kind of big brother. He's the kind of guy that though he's really sweet, most people would never know it.
He loves music and video games, and he'd prefer sleeping in all day than going to school.
He doesn't like big crowds or overly-loud people.
He cares about his girlfriend's friends, even if he doesn't like them and if you insult his girl, you're going down.
He likes his hair, too.
He introduces his girlfriend to the girls he likes, but he makes sure she knows that he's loyal to one girl only.
He has his ideal image of the perfect woman, but insists his girl is beautiful, and has an amazing personality.
Tressa: Did you meet Mason?
May: Yeah, he seems cool.
Tressa: He's really sweet.
by Stole.His.Heart October 22, 2012
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n. nice guy, isn't too big but can kick your ass if you piss him off; he likes to just hang around and do whatever pops into mind and he's nice to you if you let him be; he's smart but has a passion for hating school
"i wish i was mason"
"i'm surprised that mason doesn't have a girlfriend"
by psychiatricsbra March 14, 2014
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Mason is the best guy you can ever find. He never fails to make you feel special....very caring, he can make u smile in your saddest times. If he says he cares, he does. He doesn't like being questioned again and again or too much....if u ever get chance to be with a mason....he will love you so much that u will start loving yourself.....if u ever get a chance to be with a Mason, dont let him go :P

by Cindy11994 August 01, 2013
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Mason is the best guy in the whole entire world! He's super cute, and very sweet! He's extremely funny, and knows all the right things to say. Even if he's thousands of miles away, he knows how to make you smile, with a simple text. When you see him, he brightens up your day. He loves to play video games! If you ever met a Mason, you can't help but love him! One look into his eyes, and you're under his spell. So, if you know one, you are very lucky!
Woah, who was that?! He's so cute!

That was Mason!
by TheOne<3 December 28, 2012
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He is an awesome bestfriend is so kind and chill and extremly funny if ur sad bout something just hit up mason he will make u laugh and will make u feel better
Cant be used cause no one is like mason
by Ak2005 December 25, 2016
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this guy is a great all around person. he's funny, smart, and very kind. only unless you piss him off, then he'll go off on you like no tomorrow. he's strong as hell and he'll kick your ass if you mess with him, so you've been warned. he's still a great guy. he's kind of lazy though. he likes playing video games and hanging with his friends. he's easy to understand. he's trustful, and very bright, so you can trust him on advice. he's about an average body type with decent face. has great style, loves music, and hates school with a passion.
Wow that stylish gent over there is sure a Mason
by thisisnotmyname36 February 04, 2010
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