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A sport that involves large amounts of sweat, hard work, and dedication. Not to be confused with "Professional" Wrestling.

Originating back more than 5000 years and refined by the Greeks.

You can play soccer, football, tennis, or basketball...but you can't play wrestling.
Guy 1: LOL! You're in wrestling? Dude your so touch other guys and stuff!

Guy 2: Wrestling isn't gay, you're just a pussy.
by Annihil November 07, 2011
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One who has a mania for music.
I am a melomaniac.
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What men do during boy's basketball season.
After wrestling, everything else in life is easy.
by theSTUFF January 22, 2009
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Wrestling is not just a sport its a lifestyle...your giving up you social life just to work out 3 times a day. your waking up at 6 to go for a morning 3 mile run. your eating very little if anything. your drinking 8 oz of water a day. your working that hard to go to a meet with almost no fans there just to see who wants to win more. You could be on the basketball team for a season or you can be a wrestler for life.
Hey why arent you eating lunch?
Hes on the wrestling team.
No im a Wrestler
by Justin Sage April 17, 2011
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The toughest sport out there, in which you go for as many as 5 days with no food, 2 without water, and work out in a sauna after impossibly intense normal practices to make a low weight class. You then beat the shit out people in 6 minute matches, some of which last up to 10 minutes if they go to overtime. No pussy rests like in football and no slow pace like in soccer. It is all out tooth and claw WAR for 6-10 minutes against a MAN your exact size who has trained all season to kill YOU. After a match, the you are nearly dead and sometimes cannot stand. You will eventually stand and then fight up to 5 times in one day.(Up to 50 minutes of pure hell.) If you are tough and survive the first day you then go home, get six hours of sleep or less, and do it all over again, with your opponents getting tougher every match. You will probably have been injured at this point and have to fight through it.

Last man standing gets to call himself the champion.

In order to be good at this sport you have to give up all unhealthy foods and train hard at least 3 times a day.
You can play football, soccer, hockey and rugby but you cant play wrestling.
by WrestlingMachine March 24, 2005
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The harderst sport in the world. No, not WWE, real wrestling. Wrestling where you spend six days a week practicing, then going home to eat nothing so you can make weight, then waking up the next morning to practice again, all so that you can get your six minutes in the ring with no breaks or timeouts trying to put the other man in the ring to his back. All the while giving up your social life so that you can practice and lift when you have the free time.
Then, if you're good enough, fit enough and determined enough to win your match, you walk over to your coach to get a few last minute pointers, and then go to your next match for another six intense minutes in the ring.
Furthermore, it is not a gay sport. Wrestling is called gay by many people only because they know that their sport is nowhere near as difficult as wrestling. They call wrestling gay because they don't want to admit that the reason they don't wrestle is because they're lazy and afraid of the pain.
-yo, wrestling so gay when you feel up other men and all that stuff
-shut up, you don't know the first thing about wreslting. Why don't you join the team and see how hard we work instead of doing the track team.
by majicman March 29, 2005
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