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A close cousin to the Lambera, the youngbecker answers posts on internet forums without thinking.

Or someone who mindlessly worships the poster with the highest post count.
"....So after I machined down the thrust bearing, the clutch fit properly..."

Youngbecker: "Sounds Interesting!"
by Jon February 05, 2005
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Yurk: describing the feeling of cuming. it can also be the actual jiz itself
Usually when I eff her, I am like Yurk, but last night was soo good, I was like Yuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrk.
by Jon June 29, 2004
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A great band with such songs as "Midnight Crush". Lead guitarist Devin Malone is fuckin' amazing!
Zero Gravity is my favorite rock band of all time. I can play all of their songs.
by Jon June 19, 2005
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