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Another name for an ATM. Used by people from Wisconsin.
Before I go out I need to stop by the tyme machine. I'm broke as a joke.
by jon May 16, 2004
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Clear Italian rocket fuel. Made from the bits of grape vine that can't be used for making wine. Lethal in large doses.
It was a 4 grappa evening. I didn't see the next morning.
by jon January 18, 2004
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"America's Finest News Source." A satirical that makes fun of American politics and pop culture.
This article by The Onion is hilarious!
by jon January 1, 2004
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Schmoo -
1, An insanely cute creature that follows you round and helps you with stuff.

2, An expression of sympathy,or condolance.

3, Used Psionically to wish someone good luck, or to help them get better.
Awwwwww Schmoo!!

Healing Schmoos coming your way....
by jon May 23, 2003
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1. American born Chinese.

2. Chinese who acts like he/she was born in America

3. Chinese with faux accent
Ching Chong speaks with an American accent, that Americhink.
by jon January 12, 2005
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Something that the media and the general public goes crazy over for no good reason. One of the many reasons why I weep for this nation.
Can Paris Hilton just go away?
by jon April 15, 2005
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