Most commonly when a girl's breasts are so tightly squeezed into a dress/shirt that they are ALMOST falling out. Also if the shirt is too low, or doesn't have enough coverage.

Can also be used if the girl's breasts have actually fallen out of the garment.

Honey, you might want to readjust your dress, you're popping out.


I was so drunk, I was stumbling all over the place, and my shirt was so low I actually popped out of it, and I didn't notice until Karen pointed it out to me!! I was so embarrassed!
by noenemies August 20, 2008
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Giving birth, reproducing, rolling a baby off the conveyor belt.
Not long after having her fourth kid, she was on her way to popping out another one.
by flamingpanties May 6, 2011
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Means to come out somewhere like the club,party,a fight or outside somewhere similar to "pull up" it first became popular in Brooklyn
Boy-Yo bro wyd?
Boy2-Getting ready bro bout to popout in a few.

(Updates fb status)- feeling littt looking fleeky I'm bout to pop out.

Bitches talking shit but scared to popout.

Having a party today hope all the pretty lady's popout

Popout baby
by SantanaJawn March 26, 2016
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When you finally pop out means when you tell everyone your in a relationship, and with who
Ayo bro I’m about to pop out because I’m tired of people talking to me like I’m not taken.
by Ahcr July 3, 2019
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To come out to the public about your relationship
Me and brayden about to pop out soon! I’m scared for what ppl think. BUT FUCK DEY OPINIONS!
by Paul is me June 16, 2020
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To appear; show yourself
That nigga wanted to square up with me so bad, but when I came on his block, he ain't wanna pop out.
by WavyAsf_ February 24, 2016
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When someone who usually dresses down or even casual, suddenly decides to wear something really nice or fancy it's considered a Pop Out. A boy who would Pop Out is known to wear a fresh pair of Jordan's wit a side of ice on they wrist. A girl would be considered to wear a dress or even a cute outfit with loads of jewelry.
"Okay girl I see you with Fashion Nova dress and the heels!! Whole pop out today"
by A. Mariah July 12, 2017
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