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The biggest hosing in the history of college foootball.
by Jon January 01, 2004
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Fuck $C. Fuck $C. Fuck $C.
The Rose Bowl.

Fuck $C.
Fuck $C.
Fuck $C.
by Jon November 16, 2004
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My answer to the nuclear bomb. Someday (Hopefully in 2010, I'll be out of California in 2009) it will rupture, and cause California to sink into the pacific.
Newscaster: In other news, the San Andreas ruptured and caused a 9.9 earthquake, then, California sank into the pacific, wait, that’s not news, like anyone cares about that, California sucks.
by Jon March 15, 2005
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a television show on fox that USED to be funny, about 7 years ago. this is a show that is way past its prime and needs to be cancelled immediately if any simpsons fans are going to have any fond memories of the show, instead of being force fed the current crap every sunday at 8:00pm.
by Jon January 16, 2004
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They rival The Beatles when it comes to progression. They started as an R&B cover band, catering to their mod audience. From there, they produced angst-ridden singles like I Can't Explain and My Generation.

They might be best known for their rock opera Tommy, about a deaf dumb and blind boy who becomes a pinball champion and a spiritual leader.

Quadrophenia, another rock opera by The Who, is musically superior to Tommy but lesser known by the general public. It tells the story of a mod named Jimmy who struggles to find his identity and find happiness. I wouldn't be surprised if it strongly influenced American Idiot.

Between the two rock operas, they produced Who's Next, known for Baba O'Riley (aka "Teenage Wasteland), Behind Blue Eyes, and Won't Get Fooled Again.

During their early years, guitarist Pete Townshend and drummer Keith Moon would smash their equipment at the end of their gigs. Good way to get out of doing an encore!
I hope I die before I get old.

Right behind you, I see the millions. On you, I see the glory. From you, I get opinions. From you, I get the story.

Don't cry. Don't raise your eye. It's only teenage wasteland.

Can you see the real me?

Love, reign o'er me!
by Jon March 17, 2005
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word used to describe stuff, another word like uh, eh, um, or stuff
yeah, and he picked up the thingthing and broke it...
by Jon March 10, 2005
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for cam: swim suit
for everyone else: clothes
trying out my new threads
(Cam trying out his new suit in a race)
(Someone trying out their new clothes)
by Jon February 22, 2005
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