It's just like saying "Voldemort", never to be mentioned.
One of the greatest WWE Wrestlers to ever be blackballed.

John: I love Chris Benoit! He's one of the most technical wrestlers ever
Dave: Who? You mean Stevie Ricards?
by DeadRevolution December 21, 2014
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Was a wrestler for the now-gay WWE. He was a great wrestler the whole time he's been in. He had a special move called the Crippler crossface, a grappling move that has made many people tap out in his career. He is a 3-time WWE U.S. Champion, a 4-time WWE Intercontinental champion, and the winner of the 2004 Royal Rumble.
He first entered the WCW in 1992, ECW in 1994, back too the WCW in 1995, then the WWF/WWE in 2000.

At first, the cause of Benoit's sudden change was thought to be anger caused by steroids, but now, that is no longer a valid reason.
Chris Benoit was a good man. Nobody knows why he would have killed his family.
by Wasabimoto September 6, 2007
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One of the best technical wrestlers of all time. Known finishers included the crippler crossface, the sharpshooter, and the diving headbutt. Will be missed after he and his family were found dead on June 25, 2007.
Currently, the Benoit case is being treated as a murder suicide. Police say Chris Benoit killed his wife and his son, then himself. CURRENTLY, that's what police think.
by Adrian June 26, 2007
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Arguably the greatest professional wrestler of all time. His matches are still widely available online: if you can stomach what he did, you must check them out.

Benoit had major success in ECW, WCW and WWE and is recognized by PWI and WWE as a two-time world champ, having held both the WCW and WWE World Heavyweight Championships. He was booked to become a three-time world champ on the night of his death, winning the not-yet-disgraced ECW World Heavyweight Championship, which would surely have carried on its legacy rather than have it become a worthless piece of tin that was retired three years later.

Benoit was always known as a good man, not a calculating, immoral guy. He snapped. Brain malfucntions can happen to anyone at any time, folks.
Chris Benoit was the greatest technical wrestler of all time. Even the most heinous of crimes can't change this.
by Mr Harold June 11, 2010
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the greatest wrestler to ever live. He is the best technical wrestler in the world and should be in the hall of fame , The acts he committed were because of the WWE not being a safe working environment.
did you see the match last night? shades of Chris Benoit
by February 24, 2021
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a pro wrestler and pedophile who killed his son and wife before offing himself and now resides in the 666th level of Hell with Michael Jackson and other pedophile scumbags
Chris Benoit was a pedophile because he killed his kid
by BellasaurusTheJust November 24, 2018
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Chris benoit was one of the greatest wrestlers in WWE history. He was a quiet guy, yet had great mic. skills. He competed in a triple threat match with triple h and shawn michaels at wrestlemania 20, where he finally won the championship belt. It is considered one of the best wrestlemanias WWE has ever had. I will always remember him for his talent, determination and skill. Chris benoit, his wife nancy and son daniel were found dead on june 25, 2007. It was officially ruled a double murder-suicide. When I remember chris, I choose to remember him as a good guy and a great entertainer. I will never understand why things went down this way and why he chose this but I will also never be able to hate him, based on the amount of brain damage he had.
Chris benoit lives on in my memories. Whenever I watch his tributes, it makes me cry:

I miss seeing him compete. May chris benoit, daniel benoit and nancy benoit R.I.P

by truefan February 23, 2009
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