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A satellite provider serving the US, Caribbean, and Latin America. It’s rated #1 in the US, but in major markets it has been surpassed by cable companies. Offers a way to watch your favourite NFL teams by something called NFL Sunday Ticket.
Guy: Why do I have to watch the game that’s on my local affiliate? I have DirecTV, so I have nfl Sunday ticket.
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by InterstateDriver April 02, 2019

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A YouTuber who drives around in his car filming a video using a camara that’s not a dash cam.
Hey did you watch Freewayjim run over Barron Trump?

Say that and I will go to the White House.
by InterstateDriver November 24, 2018

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An empire today is the process of getting the ground to shake by dropping carpet
Carpet Installer: Ok lets empire today this ground.
by InterstateDriver January 25, 2019

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A sports tv streaming service. Also has its own channel called the Fubo sports network
I’m gonna watch Barcelona football on fubo
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by InterstateDriver February 27, 2020

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A country in Europe bordered by Spain, Germany, Switzerland, and Italy.
These cars come from La France.
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by InterstateDriver May 04, 2019

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A dinosaur that comes in a variety of colors with green being the most common color for a yoshi. Yoshi is both a Dino species and a Dino name.
Yoshi: Yoshi!
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by InterstateDriver January 23, 2019

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A variant of the Mexican slang Chi Chis, sometimes used by people who speak a different Spanish (eg Ecuadorian Spanish)
Los Chi Ches!
Ok, just calm down and stop being weird
by InterstateDriver January 04, 2019

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