the thick, knotted mass of pubic hair just north of the vagina.
"I unbuttoned her pants and tried to run my hand down her panties, but it got caught in her carpet."
by Fatass February 14, 2003
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a soft material used to cover floors
I skipped happily along the carpet, and when I tripped I only chipped four teeth.
by nathaniel spritzner August 7, 2005
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A lush expanse of hair covering the vulva, meant to be munched upon and not shaven.
"Mmmm, check out that carpet, I wish I was eating some of *that*!"
by KCtah October 26, 2003
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1. A very hairy Vagina that needs shaving.
Man that chick has a nasty carpet. Someone send her a Mach 3 for Christmas.
by BillyGoat November 15, 2002
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a term used only by pro stoners to describe the marijuana consistency when building a joint to ensure that there is an even application of green, so the good stuff isn't all concentrated in on particular area.
Stoner1:'that joint had a nice even carpet'.

Stoner2:'I know, i'm completely fucked'.

Stoner1:'Me too'

Stoner2:'Shall we roll another?'
by Ramona Sanchez November 8, 2006
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modern day drug dealers terms for £300
i'd say thats worth a carpet
by ashley clarke May 18, 2008
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