The most useless thing in 2020
Daughter: Dad I haven't got my passport and our trip is in mid-March!
Dad: Darling, we can't even visit the neighbors
by SaeedAM July 18, 2020
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A small Honda SUV from the early 2000's that wants to be a Jeep. It's not particularly good at offroading and it's not particularly good at driving in the city. It has terrible gas mileage.

Also, it's basically an Izuzu Rodeo with a different badge.
"Dude let's go mudding in my Honda Passport!"

"Why? Last time I had pull you out with my minivan."
by LenisWenis October 27, 2017
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A small book that you are forced to carry with you abroad and are forced to renew every 5-10 years. For some countries you are forced to get a stupid document called a visa just to enter.
Dude 1: Hey man, we’re gonna leave for Algeria in a week.

Dude 2: I don’t think I can go bro.

Dude 1: Why?
Dude 2: I need to renew my fucking passport and apply for a stupid visa
by BigBoi0608 May 20, 2020
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Document allowing the owner to travel abroad. Yes Americans, you can travel abroad and see the world without invading. There's some nic places out there. There are even nice people out there, even in France! Go on, give it a go.

Apologies to those Americans who own a passport. If you are one of these, and you have actually used your passport well WOOHOO!!! You are in a tiny minority of about 3% of Americans. Pat yourself on the back. I'm genuinely proud of you.
Like a little book with your picture in it. It will have your name and say that you are from America. I really think you might like it!
by yankeedoodlepoodle May 26, 2004
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Identification you are forced to use to enter bars and concerts because you have previously lost your driver's license, work ID and old fake ID from college during drunken nights out.
"I have to find my passport so I can go out tonight."
"Dude, you need to stop getting so bombed and losing your ID's."
by Scores November 15, 2005
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When someone travels (in a game of basketball) way too fuckin much
"Nah, that nigga just went to China with no passport. You're supposed to dribble the ball, dumbass!"
by Diggobam May 25, 2023
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Collecting stamps on your sexual passport by hooking up with people from other countries with the goal of experiencing all parts of the world.
I was passporting last weekend Vegas and got two more stamps. I hooked up with a German and an Aussie.

There's so many foreign hotties in here. Let's go passporting and see who can visit the most countries.
by The Sexuation September 22, 2011
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