The star of Super Mario Brothers. An icon to gamers worldwide.

He takes shrooms and gets beefed, saves the princess, gets laid, and goes home to fix household plumbing systems.
Mario's a drugged-up, pimped-out plumber.
by Didda Tinkle May 21, 2004
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Leading Nintendo mascot.

Mario's alter-ego after munching on too many shrooms.
Luigi: Hey Mario

Mario: (Just finished his 4th shroom) That's a-Super Mario you son-of-a-bitch!
by MF of the Year October 26, 2008
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A Person who always seems to have a better story to tell or who has done the same thing you have, only better. Hence 1upping you.
John: " I learned how to play the guitar when I was fifteen."
Johns Friend: " Dude, I was playing the guitar, drums, and writing my own songs when I was eight."

John: " Hey Super Mario, why are you 1upping me."
by DigsDar May 2, 2008
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(N.) A 4 foot, 200lb. Italian Plumber from Brookyn, NY who's been in about 30 video games. The plumber, who's said to be in his early 40's today, is the mascot of Nintendo, as well as their oldest employee (next to Donkey Kong Sr.)
Today, I was a tad disapointed when I played Super Mario sunshine.
by G-Union May 19, 2003
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When a female uses her own fingers, in her own ass, for the sole purpose of pulling them out and unsuspectingly swiping them across the upper lip of the guy (or girl) that she is hooking up with.
I was fucking this guy and he wouldn't stop squirming around, so I reached around and gave him a Super Mario.

I just wanted him to fuck my brains out but he kept fiddling around with a condom so I reached behind me to prep my fingers for a nice saucy Super Mario.
by My real name is Al! July 29, 2010
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The super icon of Nintendo that takes shrooms to grow big while jumping around on bad guys, usually in very high strides. He also breaks blocks with his head, presumably he knows karate. No womder he kicks bowser's ass so much.

A saint who takes shrooms and hallucinates the weirdiest things while still being kid-friendly.
Bowser: Mha ha ha, I have captured the princess (again) and the stars.
*Super Mario walks in*
Bowser: Sh**
*Gets his ass kicked...again*
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Super Mario, despite his weight, macks it with the princess.
by Dan Alston December 8, 2006
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