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A Mexican term/slang name for breasts.
Cabron: eyy look at the chi chis on that mamacita mang
by Mista_Convery April 26, 2009
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Boobies; breasts; titties; hooters; etc.
What nice chichis you have!
by Ryoko December 25, 2002
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1. boobs in japanese
2. boobs in spanish (mexico)
3. pussy in spanish (spain)
4. dick in mandarin chinese
5. goku's annoying bitch in DBZ
chichi... what a name for an anime character, eh?
by urban asshole February 23, 2010
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the spanish term meaning breasts boobs hooters or whatever ya call it. its also a mexican restaurant that has great fried ice cream!
hey that chick has great chi-chis
by gayloser August 09, 2004
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chichis means tits and thats all!!!
she has a nice pair of chichis
by loboloco March 28, 2007
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