An emoji incorrectly used by Millennial twats to represent an ass. It actually represents the pussy and was made relevant by Castor Troy in Face/Off who represented it as the simile to the labia, the groove of the fruit being the space between the labial lips.
"I could eat a peach for hours," Castor Troy stated as he was enjoying a succulent peach in the presence of his female company, implying his penchant for performing cunnilingus upon females.
by The Anticlown June 16, 2017
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A nicely shaped, and usually freshly shaved vulva, typically characterized by large labia majora (outer lips) and small, if not invisible, labia minora (inner lips). A peach features absolutely no roast beef, and is considered by many men to be the ideal vulva for a woman.
Did you see her vagina? It was perfect! What a peach!
by Beefus McDanglepuss September 24, 2005
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Urban or Freudian allusion to a vulva. The juiciness, soft hair, and shape of the fruit obviously resemble the female vulva. Biting into a peach, with the consequent explosion of juices, is often invoked as a Freudian exposition of male (or female) libido.

"Do I dare eat to a peach..."
T.S. Elliot - The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock

by com January 30, 2007
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something very lovely or wonderful; also, a very lovely and attractive woman
Life's a peach, and then you marry one.
by yumpin yiminy January 31, 2005
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As verb.
to move a peach (core removed) over something or someone, usually repeatedly and for pleasure.
In novel Call Me By Your Name, young man Elio explores a wonderful sexual experience by peaching himself with a riped peach after he digged out its core with his finger.
by claudex2 December 18, 2017
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