A teen who is often looking for somewhere to "belong" can be sucked into the holder group. Emerging usually in their late junior to early senior high school years, a holder often attempts to look dangerous and "hardcore" by wearing black clothes with flames, ties, ripped clothes, pins and dying their extremely greasy hair. Many holders attempt to express their newfound angst through futile attempts at music with weak lyrics and useless strumming of untuned guitars in comfort zones like a cafeteria. Holders are named for their tendency to physically hold one another in public. These embraces occur frequently between various partners of both sexes and are often accompanied by lewd and disgusting groping and even sexual acts (these usually occur in slightly more removed but hardly private areas like courtyards). See New fad.
Q: Who the hell is playing that shitty music?
A: I don't know... some holder.
by Rabbit March 20, 2004
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Somebody who doesn't like to hear their poop hit the toilet water, so they wrap their hands in toilet paper and poop in their hand, avoiding the noise. Useful at parties, friends house, or crowded house.
Your hand smells, are you a holder?
by Crackatoe-a May 25, 2010
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the term maening to fart in bed and hold your girlfriends head under the blanket until she eventually stops moving
man,i did a holder on leanne last night and she aint moved since.think i'd best call an ambulance.damn that strong vindaloo
by bossmanhugo January 2, 2005
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A Holder is the kind of guy that you should def go pick up whenever you hang out with friends. Total badass that makes you laugh constantly. He usually has the most winning smile and angelic eyes. Holds his liquor pretty well. Athletic as fuck. His body can seduce almost anyone. He can dance like a boss. Usually a Holder is caught with the most beautiful women. You either wanna be with him or be him.
"Bro lets hit the beach", "Yeah, Call Holder"

"See that guy over there? He's beyond sexy." "I know right? Totally a Holder."
by surftimeanytime October 5, 2012
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A school that homo deluxes from Tabor think they destrory in sports. When in fact the only thing they destroy is each others anal cavities.
Tabor Student 1: oh dude you packed my fudge so hard last night

Tabor Student 2: Word that new strapon I bought was incredible (because I dont have a dick)
by THUGMONEY April 14, 2005
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An elite prep school in Plymouth, NH that has phenomenal students, athletes, and artists. Holderness also kicks Tabor, Tilton, Proctor, and New Hampton's asses all at once.
Tabor student: I wish we were as awesome as Holderness.

Tilton Student: Well we're almost as awesome as Holderness

Proctor Student: No you're not... Holderness is the best.

New Hampton Student: I'm stupid..
by gobulls555 November 21, 2011
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A condition in which the sufferer resists the persistent urge to pass gas for fear of having a bowel movement.
I can't wait to get home and explode into the toilet. I've had the holders all day long!
by russbro January 26, 2012
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