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Pretty chill people who's ethnic backgrounds consist of people form the country of Ecuador. No two Ecuadorians are the same, but most share common characteristics. You'll never ever meet an arrogant or conceited Ecuadorian. Some of are of indigenous background, others of European background, mostly Spaniard. But all in all, Ecuadorians know how to have fun and show people a good time - yet at the same time be really chill.
"Yo, where are you from again? Mexico? Peru?"
"I'm from Ecuador you retard. I told you I'm Ecuadorian about 20 times already"
by Ecuadorian Dude February 24, 2012
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A person from Ecuador or of Ecuadorian decent. Ecuadorians are some of the sexist people alive and are very proud of their latin culture.
Ecuadorians are sexy as hell man.
by LovelyLatina December 26, 2006
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an ecuadorian can range from being very smart and beautiful to being dumb and non-attractive, although all South American people carry this trait (ex. Venezuela,Colombia,Peru, etc.) Finding an Ecuadorian that comes from the beautiful parts of Ecuador, meaning they're pretty, cute, tall, and just right, can really put shame to the rest of the attractive people around you. You can consider Ecuador to be the Dominican Republic of South America, since it's known for its fun/interesting culture, its variety of dark-skinned people, beautiful beaches, warm tropical environment, and beautiful women that roam the streets of Guayaquil, Playas, Montañita, Piñas del Oro etc. The women have their own unique look from being tan, white, and of course brown(or darker.) They hold some of the best latin curves you will see in South America. Ecuadorians have different accents depending on their origin of the country. If from Guayaquil, most of the time they would have a fast-speaking accent, similar to a Dominican accent. If from the inner cities such as Quito, Cuenca, Baños de Ambato, they would have a mid-toned accent that comes with proper grammar which makes them sound and look intelligent and well-mannered. Very prideful people but despise others that think they're better than them. Unlike the people from it's sister country , Colombia, Ecuadorians do not need to be spoiled and ego-centric(thinking the world revolves around you) to actually be the best.
1.That man right there is a very handsome, well-mannered hispanic, one can easily tell he's Ecuadorian.

2.Her Ecuadorian curves cannot be compared to the flat and skinny Colombian women.
by Citizen of New York May 02, 2011
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A Ecuadorian is a well dress, well mannered handsome man who usually is badass and gets bitches with a snap of there finger. they work hard and usually are far better off than peruvians and are more honest than colombians.

Ecuatorianas are the sexiest latinas around.
that david beckham is of ecuadorian decent

jessica alba is a ecuatoriana but the US government said she's american
by NewYorkRedBulls October 21, 2009
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