Andy is an investor . Hes a bitcj
by hawaiionurtab November 25, 2015
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An individual who invests in a company during its start-up phase; a financial supporter in the early stages of a corporation's existence.

An 'angel' is a winged creature from heaven who is supposed to help you when you are in danger. An 'angel investor' is someone who provides money for young businesses that really need it. The phrase was first used to describe wealthy patrons who kept Broadway plays on stage despite a lack of profits.
The company never would have survived without the backing of its angel investors.
by VAKI5 May 10, 2005
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A code term for having to take a shit. Can be used in public because people that overhear will think your are a sophisticated businessperson that has a lot of money, but in reality you just need to take a shit.
Guy 1: Yo, let's go see that new Twilight movie, I hear it's banging.
Guy 2: Gimme a minute, I gotta have a meeting with the investors, and as we all know, they are not known for their patience.
by Nick Wang June 8, 2009
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Group of investors that are linked through social media such as Reddit, who invest capital in trolling matter to hurt the rich people’s investments.
Reddittail-investors bought GameStop stock in large amounts which short squeezed the stock price into record high to hurt hedge funds investors.
by Kodokanbjjman92 January 31, 2021
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Guy who gets up about 11 and settles on the patio overlooking the ocean, with his laptop, (in his terry-cloth robe). His 19-year-old assistant brings him a bloody Mary. He says "thanks" in a tone of benign abstraction while he scrolls through his portfolio.
I talked to my bathrobe investors and they had never heard of this guy so I figure he must be a fake.
by Buce September 15, 2005
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An investor who trades shares on an exchange through a third party, typically a brokerage firm with direct access to the market(s) ECN networks. This term is often used in a derogatory sense to describe various middle-of-the-road people who attempt to amass great wealth with little to no research beforehand, often resulting in the complete loss of their "invested" money.

Being a retail investor is not a sign of incompetence, however; there are many who are quite able and consistently beat indices and funds with their returns.
Noob trader: "Hey! This stock just fell 50%; there's gotta be a short squeeze soon! I'm buying!"

Experienced trader: "Don't be a retail investor, man!"

Experienced retail investor: "Bag holder would be a better phrase for that, buddy!"
by Alex Koik-Cestone August 28, 2007
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Someone who makes financial decisions while having some sort of insight of the near or far future. Any form of investment trading stocks seeing the direction of a company etc.
Ruso1 said he remembers when Netflix was only $5 dollars a share! He was to young to buy company shares but he told everyone they should! What an visonary investor!
by One World Anarchy July 23, 2019
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