A term that can mean anything. Also the name of the most intelligent being according to the movie Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey.
Ted: Bill, you want some cheetos?

by Julian Alvarez March 27, 2004
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a polyporhpic word that can be used to express almost anything, though usually a positive exclamation.
how was that wave, man?
totally STATION, dude!
by obi1666 February 20, 2003
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expression indicating one's approval of a worthy event.

short, exterrestrial alien geniuses, who also have excellently huge martian butts.
1. Bill: You are most worthy of your reputation, plus you have an excellently huge martian butt!
Station: Station.

2. Please give a warm welcome for Station's most bodacious creations- the Good Robot Usses!
by Chris Norton January 9, 2007
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1. Postive Renforcement to a phrase.
1.That concert was STATION!
by Fish June 17, 2003
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To "station" someone is to extend a their buttcrack with a sharpie while they are bending over, Usually at a party. The name is derived from Station; a character in "Bill and Teds bogus journey" who had a "most triumphant ass."
Cindy totally got stationed while she was bending over to pick up her phone.
by Jeremy Hadley December 15, 2008
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short for masturbation station. something you hit when you're over the top bewildered.
I'm so bewildered right now, i think i need to hit my station...
by assholecccccccc June 7, 2011
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Cool; dope; awesome; chill; excellent; sweet; tight; splendiferous; fantabulous.
Bill: I got some snappin' pussy!
Ted: Station.
by TTCB August 1, 2003
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