A word used in place of cocaine, especialy when in the presence of those who do not find drug use acceptable.
Hey man whats up with those tickets for tonight?
by Wordguy February 20, 2005
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"Yo this joint cost me a ticket"
by Money February 22, 2005
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ticket in northern ireland. replaces sweet or mad or few other words
do you like my car? aye its ticket mate
by outtacontrol October 18, 2007
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Means a trip (Tab of rice paper coated in LSD). A ticka for short.
"Do you have any ticket's you wanna sell?"
"I had 3 tickets already tonight and it's only 7pm."
by Diego July 13, 2003
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Pete: "Whats up Kevin."
Kevin: "Nothing, whats up with you?"
Pete: "Nothing."
Kevin: "Hey, guess what I did last night. I met a dirty Japanese whore at 2 AM and got my nob slopped for $10."
Pete: "That's cool."
(long, awkward silence)
Kevin: "So......what did you do last night?"
Pete: "Oh not too much. I rented an Escalade on 22's from Enterprise, wore my throwback and du-rag, and pretended I was getting a deal with Shady Records. I must have nailed at least 6 or 7 dumb hood rat bitches."
Kevin: "That's the ticket."
by Nick D September 26, 2003
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