(city) - Capital of Catalunya, an autonomous region of Spain. Economically and financially, one of the most important cities in Europe, and the biggest harbour in the mediterranean.

Playing an important role in many historical events, Barcelona is not only large beaches and all-night parties, it held the 1992 Olympic games and it has been hometown of artists like Miró. Birthplace of the modernist architectural movement, it has always been in the avantgarde.

Much more can be said of this wonderful city, but the only way of getting to Barcelona's heart, is by visiting it, its inhabitants are looking forward to seeing you there!
Barcelona can also refer to a football club or an american indie-pop band.
by Feodósiev March 22, 2011
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1- (noun) City in north-east spain with whom Americans an Japanese snobs have a particular obsession
Let's gooo to barcelona, so cool on Woody Allen's film
by Spanishboi September 23, 2009
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Simply the best team to ever play the game. Jesus was sent from Heaven only to play for Barcelona. Make other teams orally imbibe testicular organs and the like. Home of those who like to keep it straight. Not the home of sheeple that flock to fascist Real Madrid or suck Cristiano Ronaldo's dick.
Did you see Barcelona lose? Trick question. Barcelona never lose and only know how to win. Be champions.
by Blowsmen March 6, 2009
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Capital of the Catalian region of Spain. The city contains the Sangrada Familia cathedral, a big Picasso museum, and is the home of Real Madrid nemisis, FC Barca.
Montjuic, Nou Camp, and the Columbus statue are other highlights of Barcelona.
by Not so super DJ Gennady August 18, 2003
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1. An anarchich nightclub by the mediterranian coast. The largest bar in the world, serving alcoholic drinks 24 hours throughout an area of over 100 square km. Inside it people live and have private properties.
2. Name given to the city wich grew inside a night club by the mediterranian sea.
ex. 1:
As I reached Barcelona's center i was offered a beer for 1 euro.

ex. 2:
-What day is it?
-Isn't there a big party in Barcelona today?
-mmmmm. Maybe. We'll get something to drink there and let's burn some garbage containers. That ought to be a good party.
by Baguette October 9, 2006
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An indie rock band from Seattle that has recently been made known for their popular song, "It's About Time". (from their album Absolutes.) They are and AMAZING band with a rare sound. It would be classified as soft, heavy, alternative rock. Their emotional and deep lyrics compliment a full and beautiful sound that one would expect from an experienced and well rounded band. it is what to expect from the indie scene of Seattle.

uncool seattleite:"Wow, this is a realy rare sound! This is good but i have never heard this before."

hipster: "Heh! It's Barcelona. I don't expect you to know them."
by This Is Not Ironic May 28, 2008
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