When you go to smoke weed and someone asks where you're going
Person A: (starts walking away to smoke weed)
Person B: "Yo man, where are you going?"
Person A: "Barcelona man, wanna come?"
by Aric Ton Ribi July 19, 2022
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Always messing up; choking. Like in Liverpool vs Barcelona where Barcelona choked in Champions League.
My car crashed! I just did a Barcelona!
by Barcelonaisbad May 9, 2019
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(city) - Capital of Catalunya, an autonomous region of Spain. Economically and financially, one of the most important cities in Europe, and the biggest harbour in the mediterranean.

Playing an important role in many historical events, Barcelona is not only large beaches and all-night parties, it held the 1992 Olympic games and it has been hometown of artists like Miró. Birthplace of the modernist architectural movement, it has always been in the avantgarde.

Much more can be said of this wonderful city, but the only way of getting to Barcelona's heart, is by visiting it, its inhabitants are looking forward to seeing you there!
Barcelona can also refer to a football club or an american indie-pop band.
by Feodósiev March 22, 2011
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1- (noun) City in north-east spain with whom Americans an Japanese snobs have a particular obsession
Let's gooo to barcelona, so cool on Woody Allen's film
by Spanishboi September 23, 2009
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Simply the biggest bunch of cocksuckers to grace they Earth. Their roster consists of 3 of the biggest cocksucking bastards. Messi is the one who's good with the balls. Neymar is the one with various assfucking techniques and Suarez is the one who bites all genitals he sees. The team consist of men known to evade taxes and laws, and no one really knows who allowed this team of cocksuckers to soil the beautiful game. Supporters of FC Barcelona are called barka dogs or crybabies. They are usually deemed to be 12 year olds who think they know football when on the contrary, the only player they know is the short fat felching pig called Messi.
Did you see Barcelona lose? Of course not! They buy all the referees. Did you know that some players from Barcelona evade taxes? John tell me something new!
by 1234penguin May 5, 2016
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Simply the best team to ever play the game. Jesus was sent from Heaven only to play for Barcelona. Make other teams orally imbibe testicular organs and the like. Home of those who like to keep it straight. Not the home of sheeple that flock to fascist Real Madrid or suck Cristiano Ronaldo's dick.
Did you see Barcelona lose? Trick question. Barcelona never lose and only know how to win. Be champions.
by Blowsmen March 6, 2009
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