19 definitions by G Money

"Yo nucca"
"nucca please"
"what a stupid nucca"
"Yo nucca, i had sex wit ur gurl last night"
by G Money February 04, 2004
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Another term for an asshole

Or a woman who is interested in meaningless sex
Hey no ones looking in this alley! "Wanna swing, Pissbag?"
by G Money December 03, 2003
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An insult refering to one's physical strength or body size.
Liz is a poon.(If Liz is very skinny).
by G Money May 15, 2003
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The feeling you get after drinking too much the night before. Nausia, headache, and groginess are common effects of a hangover.
"I've got a hangover after all that beer last night!"
by G Money December 08, 2002
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to roll through a hood layed back with the tunes pumpin.
We wuz crawlin on 24's las night in the Benz.
by G Money July 15, 2003
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someone who doesnt have the ability to control his/her actions. one who submits, and yes the greatest thing to ever come out of kings park
Holy fucking shit! ClockWork just ripped up the stage and made children bleed.
by G Money June 03, 2003
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