Jewish means belonging to the Jewish faith or religion. Jewish, for some, means going out for Chinese food on Christmas Eve.
Jewish people, historically were denied entry into many professions and guilds and were forced to be money lenders, hence the stereotype of Jews and money.
Many Jews, but not all Jews invest heavily in education. Hence, a wise person is an informed person and can learn to read and analyze stocks. There's no special magic to learning to make an investment. Read a book, dude!
I am Jewish and celebrate Hanukkah, so I won't be celebrating Christmas. ( or going to Mass at midnight)

Jewish people are stereotyped for no reason other than ignorance.
by TruthLoveJustice December 27, 2007
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Someone who is partially, but not completely Jewish. They are Jew-ish. Kinda like a Jew, but not quite.
"Marisa makes matzo ball soup but doesn't ever go to temple, she's so Jew-ish!"
by Phineas October 28, 2004
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A religion. And SCREW the person who wrote the entry about it meaning stupid.
Since they were Jewish, the attended Temple.
by Pick one September 24, 2005
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Someone of the Jewish faith. Traditionally, one who's mother is Jewish.

All you anti-semitic assholes on the internet who use "Jewish" as anything but an adjective for the faith, go kill yourselves.
My mother is Jewish, thus I am.
by a jewish kid July 17, 2008
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An ethnoreligious group originating in the Israelites or Hebrews of the ancient Middle East. One of the most intelligent ethnicities on the planet. Jews have historically placed a high value on education, which allows them to contribute to advancing the world. Of American Nobel Prize winners, 37% have been Jewish Americans (19 times the percentage of Jews in the population). The stereotype of Jews being cheap is derived from the Middle Ages when Jews were forced by the Catholic Church to follow money lending professions.
Some ignorant fool selling something on the street (dro): Why are you cheap man?
Jewish dude: I'm not cheap you idiot...you're selling this stuff for 10 x its normal price.
Ignorant fool: Damn, I wish I could figure that out.
Jewish dude: What a tool.
by The Economist May 15, 2008
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