1. to steal or rob

2. stolen money or goods

3. any money

The three delinquents conspired to loot a TV but were caught in the act.
by Light Joker December 30, 2006
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Also known as lewt, l00t, 1007.

Slang used in many games for items or money contained on a enemy.
OMG phat lewt! (Anarchy Online)
loot the corpse already!
by Soljia March 4, 2005
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goods of considerable value taken in war(spoils)1something appropriated illegally often by force or violence 2 to rob esp. on a large scale and usu. by violence or curruption 2a toengage in robbing or plundering while in war
dude1: hey i want some jap puss lets steal this guys wife
dude2: sounds sweet lets loot his shizzle stunna
dude1: fo sheezy my nezy
by booboojtc May 13, 2004
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To "loot", was what the pirates did, and what u do when u find items in RPGs.
Diablo char: w00t nice loot.

Pirate after boarding a ship: Arrrr loot!
by Tweak June 3, 2003
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