An alias or online name that someone selects to be known under, while chatting or posting a personal ad.
Person A: Hey! If you're online later, message me!
Person B: I dont have your screen name :(
Person A: It's SoccerBabe4476
by SeiyaKou304 June 13, 2006
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An Attention Whore Screen Name is when someone joins a chat room or virtual world and their screen name suggest that they are a slut. Such as "Pornstar07" or "FuckPrincess"
Jenna- "Hey did you see Ashly's screen name on WeeWorld?"

Brooke- "No. What is it?"

Jenna- "It is such an attention whore screen name."
by Mrs. Lockette May 23, 2010
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When you meet someone online and refer to them only by their AIM screen name.
"So I had a nice conversation with swordfishx30 today."
"Ah, I see you two are on a screen name basis."
by Bennett Hansen August 6, 2007
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