A word that causes betyas to recoil in fear at the pure alpha male energy. Notable users include; Jordan Lee Peterson, Destiny and Vaush
JLP: Do you love black people?
Destiny: I love black people
JLP: Amazin!
by MadVicer December 30, 2022
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Adj. - The essence of being amazing
My Amazinivity excites the crowd
by Medicusa December 29, 2017
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It's when there's something with so much vast quantities of amazing you have no other word to use! It's like when your eating a piece of beef jerky, or the feeling you get when you take a big poop, or when you have the satisfaction of punting a gnome, or the way you express yourself when you give yourself head. Amazinism can move mountains and make your penis bigger. It can heal the sick and cure the limp dick.

It's Brilliant! It's Far out! It can make you pee blood! It's Amazinism!
Jill: Hey baby do you like my dress?
Penis: It's AMAZINISM!
by HobosEatBeans December 23, 2009
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An average fantasy football team at best. Known for taking forever when drafting their players. Owner is very cheap and it rubs off on his team.
Another crappy year for the Amazins. Oh good, I'm playing the Amazins this week. Not so Amazin.
by J.P. Shepherd August 17, 2007
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Asian women, because 90% of them look good.
"Damn look at all the hot amazins on campus!"
by spey April 23, 2008
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