An adverse side effect of staring at a computer monitor eight hours a day, five days a week.
by Dr Fruitcake July 21, 2004
An old, cliched excuse that a woman comes up with when she doesn't feel like having sex.
I desparately wanted a blowjob from my girlfriend, but she said she had a headache, so I put powdered aspirin on my dick just to prove that I really needed her to release the building pressure in my balls.
by urban pervert December 10, 2003
This is the biggest headache for the company since the lawsuit for libel.
by The Return of Light Joker April 24, 2009
when ur brain is laughing at ur own stupidity...
a brain freeze, u get it but u just keep drinking
by crystal August 2, 2004
When someone who won't shut up, with their drivel, they talk so much, and being in their presence makes your head hurt.
The renovated Soldier Field is giving me a headache, does anyone have a parcel of aspirin?
by Saints September 16, 2003
What boyfriends/girlfriends become after a few months.
Annie: How's it going with you and Rob? It's been like 7 months already, yeah?
Chelsea: God, he is such a headache!
by evil_gumball April 18, 2011