Nausea and headaches often caused by way too much fucking alcohol.
Can be identified by the ashtray in ones mouth,the vomit on last nights clothes,the want to never drink or eat again,the great dislike of sunlight, the undesirealbe urge to apologise to all the people you spent the night with, the stranger in your bed and need for a glass of water and many many asprin
"Where did we go,what did we do, who did we do it with and what did we have done to us?"
"Christ my head hurts I've got a proper bad hangover"
"I'm never drinking again"
by Lady Remo November 20, 2003
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A condition in which the body is trying to cope with the mass quantities of alcohol consumed roughly 8 hours earlier. the liver needs to detoxify the bloodstream so it uses water from other parts of the body including the brain to do it. This causes body cramps, uncomfortableness, headaches, and other shit.

Pretty much, its god's way of saying "k lets sit down and figure out what we did last night" this often results int he realization of new girlfriends, unwanted hook ups, the discovery that you will soon be a parent, and other horrible issues.
Guy: "God i have a terrible hangover...whatdid i do last night?"
God: "Lets hammer this shit out."
by The Gibber February 25, 2007
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The result of heavy drinking of which results in an alcohol blood content that still exists long after drinking because your liver is still trying to cope with the detox.

As a result the liver uses water to metabolize the alcohol, this water is obtained from the body and often the brain which has a high concentration of water, this lack of water that is a result of metabolism causes the membranes in the brain to tighten thus causing the headaches and body aches often are another result

puking can also occur when the body
drinking one night, and not wanting to live hte next day
by Mathews July 25, 2005
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That annoying period between inebriation. Can also be avoided by continuously consuming alcohol until dead.
I feel so hungover, pass me that bottle of Butterscotch Schnapps, will you?
by KirbyAtor November 22, 2003
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I can not go to class today because I have a major hangover
by hang-over May 4, 2003
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A splitting headache and the shits that you get before you start drinking, again.
Person 1: Last night was crazy, but I've got an awful hangover.
Person 2: Quit bitching and drink this 40.
by Dave from ATL December 25, 2007
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what you get after a night of too much bacardi 151
when your brain is starved of water as the water is used for your liver as the alcohol is dehydrating you.
feels great while drinking but then again "good things dont last long"
where theres good theres bad!
person 1: set me the bottle of 151
person 2: u sure you've had 1/2 bottle, tomorrow your gonna be fucked
person 1: who gives a fuck i feel on top of the world
******** NEXT MORNING********

person2: aint you gonna get up its 3pm
person1: im never gonna drink again i feel like shit
person2:your hangover, i told you to calm down on the 151 well im off to the pub
person1: **( pukeeeeeeeeeee)**
by sharabi jatt September 13, 2006
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