Person: a great rapper thet died to soon and young. (that guy that sing make a toast and who the fuck is that)

Noun: what 50 cent cant never be or two 50 cent makes a dolla.

Noun: a dollar or one dollar
example 1:

kid 1: ah you herd that song make a toast by Dolla that shit was tight .

kid 2: yeah but you herd he got kill.

kid 1: yeah like he said the good die young RIP Dolla.

example 2:

lil wayne: All about a dolla fuck two quarters.
Bitch i'll pour syrup in that vitamin water.

example 3:

Ghetto Kid: hay mom i need a dolla for weed i only got 9 dolla.

Ghetto Mom: who the fuck you think you are asking yo mama for a dolla for weed nigga. get your ass in yo room boy.
by dol-la June 21, 2009
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Slang: dollar; a form of money.
The cashier changed a dolla for the item.
by Toni Prime March 14, 2005
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Often found in the plural form, dollaz, a way of life which embraces money, sex, and anything else associated with elegance.

An exclamtion usually said in celebration.
Dollaz has changed my life! Check out my stretch Escalade filled with hott bitches drinking Dom Perignon from diamond glasses!
by Grat M January 5, 2004
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an exclaimation shouted when in an elated state.
Chris Chan: "I must say I am quite partial to Terra Patrick."

IBI: "Dollaz!"
by The Spanker January 26, 2004
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A term used when referring to a number that is between 100 and 200. Or used to tell time from 1:00 to 2:00.
You know what time it is?
Its a dolla 24 (1:24)

What is 55 plus 55?
A dolla 10 (110)
by Nestolen April 4, 2017
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symbolic for @$$, or other words, ASS. the real gangsta way of creatively spittin your vocabulary.
Ya'll best shut up or i'mma bust a cap in yo' at dolla dolla!
by fobesman April 27, 2006
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Since the other post was incorrect, I feel I should take it upon myself to correct it. "Dolla" is a Eboni-cized version of the word "Dollar", with an "a", not an "e".
by BlingBling September 2, 2003
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