Believed by many to be a common misspelling of would, however, it is just the inquisitive form of would. Important note: Whood is not the inquisitive version of wood.
Jay: Whould you f*ck a sheep?
Brent: No, ew.
Jay: I'm saying if you were a sheep, whould you f*ck a sheep?
Brent: Well, in that case, you bet your sweet ass I would.

Jay: Dirty sheep f*cker!
by yaidk August 16, 2009
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Suggesting something to someone, but you actually wanting to do it.
dude: You whould blow me.
Chick: what do you mean would?! I've never blown you!
dude: I said WHOULD not WOULD! Now blow me, bitch.
by ucaeonnia June 7, 2010
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Spy in Team fortress 2 telling Scout he banged his mother.
1 : What, Are you the president of his fan club?
2 : No, That whould be your MOTHER!
by That Was my mother. March 23, 2023
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so don't use this phrase, THE PHRASE SAYS DON'T USE THIS PHRASE
just don't.

Person 1: hi
person 2: HELLO
Person 1: hell no this is not a phase you whould use
by MIntysharky12345 November 21, 2020
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