one who has a lot of flavor or attitude.
Guadalupe is one spicy ho.
by christima August 27, 2007
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"damn that biznitch is spicy (spicay)"
"Yeah free money, SPICY!!!"
by chris:D February 24, 2004
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can literally mean anything and be used in any context
*sees ugly person* ew they are so spicy
*sees beautiful person* damn they are spicy
*sees cute puppy* hes so spicy
*is angry* im so spicy
*is happy* im so spicy
by minivan69 February 27, 2017
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When your spice gets to be too much.; When it gets to the point you can't handle
"Yo, it's getting spicy up in here"

"Man, I'm spicy as fuck.."
by George McDean January 19, 2013
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