The act of being rude, fistey, mean, and/or sarcastic toward someone for no apparent reason.

It can also be used to describe someone who is very goodlooking/attractive.
Kayla: Can you hold my spanish book for me real quick?
Leanne: No! Why are you always hassling me?
Kayla: No need to get spicy.

Laura: Wow, did you see Shalalala in the hallway today?
Leanne: Yeah i did! He was looking pretty spicy.
by LarryB Banker January 20, 2010
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(adj) describes a series of dramatic or unstable social scenarios which evoke strong emotions, actions, or CONSEQUENCES.
I can't believe Ehrlich invited 3 girls he's currently trying to get with to the pregame; this is going to be extra SPICY.
by MattyDeads July 27, 2011
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An adjective meaning good, bad, interesting, and quite frankly a word that can be used in any situation to replace any word within a sentence.
“They have made a lovely job of that gate, looking pretty spicy to me”
by PayrollDefinitions August 03, 2018
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Chase: hey bro you see that badass truck over there?!
Hunter: yeah man it's spicy!
by Everest1 May 19, 2016
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A word than can be used in place of any positive adjective, noun, or adverb.
"That movie was so spicy!"

"Woa, I've never seen clothes that spicy before!"
by rhucth August 23, 2008
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