Undemocratic and highly corrupt college sports league that exploits students and places money-making ahead of true and pure competition. NCAA football actually rewards teams for past history and their school name (also a perpetual cycle of racial discrimination in hiring). Preseason polls, commercial exploitation, Title IX, academic cheating, and coaching scandals are just a few of the unsavory aspects of the NCAA.
Jim's earning potential went downhill when he broke his leg during an NCAA football game. If only he wasn't a walk-on and had some sort of insurance plan from his college. The NCAA used Jim like toilet paper.
by Chuck Kyle January 2, 2008
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A bunch of busybodies who have nothing better to do than slap sanctions on collegiate athletes and teams for minor things as accepting money, but yet loves to whore out the term "March Madness" to businesses whocan afford the licensing fee!
NCAA needs to get a life!
by Piranha March 25, 2005
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A group of mostly older white men who mostly spend their time making sure that mostly young black men don't get paid.
Yo son, did you know that many NCAA executives are paid hundreds of thousands of dollars while they prevent the college athletes who actually bring in the dollars from making anything?
by ben_da_illest August 9, 2014
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An acronym which stands for:
Usually used when someone does something extremely inappropriate or out of line.
Pronounced "N-C-double-A"
It was pretty funny when John taught those little kids how to snort coke and hilarious when he tripped that old blind lady in the middle of the intersection, but when he stole my bag of Cheetos that was totally NCAA.
by Nick D September 29, 2005
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National Collegiate Athletic Association.

It covers any sports from basketball to rifling
March Madness (basketball) is one of NCAA's biggest money-makers
by 360shot March 22, 2013
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