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Undemocratic and highly corrupt college sports league that exploits students and places money-making ahead of true and pure competition. NCAA football actually rewards teams for past history and their school name (also a perpetual cycle of racial discrimination in hiring). Preseason polls, commercial exploitation, Title IX, academic cheating, and coaching scandals are just a few of the unsavory aspects of the NCAA.
Jim's earning potential went downhill when he broke his leg during an NCAA football game. If only he wasn't a walk-on and had some sort of insurance plan from his college. The NCAA used Jim like toilet paper.
by Chuck Kyle January 01, 2008
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A Nazi Organization that whores out college students for money, then charges them money for dumbass reasons such as taking money.
NCAA Student: Hey, can I have some money to feed my family?

NCAA Official: No

NCAA Student: But you have billions of dollors and...

NCAA Official: No

NCAA Student: But I can't afford clothing and my family is starving and...

NCAA Official: No

NCAA Student: *Takes Money from agent*

NCAA Official: Hey, you can't take money. Give me 100,000$
by KILLSZY September 23, 2006
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A bunch of busybodies who have nothing better to do than slap sanctions on collegiate athletes and teams for minor things as accepting money, but yet loves to whore out the term "March Madness" to businesses whocan afford the licensing fee!
NCAA needs to get a life!
by Piranha March 25, 2005
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The single most disgusting money-making machine in this country. These kids play for an education (which when they tell coaches they need to concentrate on homework the coach says "well, if that's more important than football/basketball/hockey/baseball, you just lost your spot on the depth chart") that's worth over the long haul (five years), what?, $125,000. Meanwhile theses schools make tens of millions of dollars from these kids' performances on the field. It's a freaking joke.

Also, NCAA Athletes do NOT play for the game. They play for either a 1. College Education or 2. To get to the NFL/MLB/NBA/NHL.
I Hate the NCAA, it's immorale, horrible, and just plain sick.

And what would you rather watch, the best athletes on earth (Pro) or the best athletes in College(NCAA)?
by Cards in 06 September 06, 2006
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A College League where they make young athletes play for no money. The NCAA makes more money from ticket sales then the NFL, yet the NCAA is so selfish they keep the money for themselfs. Basicly what you have in the NCAA is a bunch of athletes risking their bodys for the sake of the game, and the higher-ups making billions of dollors dosn't give them a cent. So why would athletes even go through this? Because of a "college education". The NCAA says that they don't have to pay the athletes, as long as they get an education, but it DOSN'T justify it. I'd hate to be sitting in a classroom when I could be making 2 mil a year. However, it's almost required for you to go through that to get to the pros.

Whoever says that NCAA players play for the "game" or that they play with "passion" is completely wrong. NCAA players play to get to the NFL, and their to pissed about the fact they have to go through such a horrible system such as the NCAA, that they can't play wiht "passion". The NCAA is nothing but a farm-system to find the next best NFL, MLB, NBA player. It's like watching Minor League baseball game and saying "This is so much better than the MLB!" Minor League Baseball and the NCAA are just the same only
1: Minor Leaguers are paid
2: Minor Leaguers eventually do get to the MLB but the NCAA players usually don't get to the NFL. Therfour, Minor Leaguers are better at their sport than NCAA players
3: Minor Leaguers are usually around 25, therfour, they would be better at sports than a 21 year old
The NCAA is a dispicable money machine which is nothing more but a farm system for the next best Major League player
by Geeter August 23, 2006
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