A hot hunk of man meat that you can't keep your hands off of.
"Damn, Rob is a sexy bitch."
by Sizzlut November 15, 2005
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Someone who is incredibly, irresistibly, and drop dead gorgeous.
"Have you seen Matt and Tim today?"
"They look like sexy bitches."
"Don't they always?"
"Very true."
by helllllllllooooooo November 8, 2009
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Strong, independent, sexy, attractive woman who knows what she wants and how to get it.

Used by men, 'Sexy bitch' is not a derogatory term. A man who uses it is admitting that he is sexually attracted but probably not good enough for her; that he would feel vulnerable in her presence because he won't be able to control her. So there may be a tinge of resentment, especially when used by a woman to describe another because she cannot compete.

'Man's shirts, short skirts', now there's a sexy bitch!
by just Jack November 16, 2006
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A sexy bitch is the upgrade of a basic bitch. I mean who wants to be a basic bitch that’s a downgrade and is in basic skills? Sexy bitches have more charm and attract more people. Sexy bitches also have more wit and intelligence than someone who is flat out basic. They’re not your average basic hoe, in fact they’re so much more. Unlike basics, sexy bitches have a wide range of personalities. I mean that most basics act very similar or the same just to fit in. Sexy bitches don’t care what others thinks and do their own thing. That’s part of what makes them sexy. They have a rebellious charm that draws people in. Sexy bitches are very much related to the miss independent type that don’t take shit from anyone. These gorgeous beauties could pull off any crazy look or stunt. Guys would just freak to date a sexy bitch. Basic bitches either admire sexy bitches or despise them because they know that a sexy bitch is better than any type of basic. If you come across one, you are a very lucky person
Person 1: Mia is such a sexy bitch! I’d love to date her!

Person 2: Agreed😎
by Miapapz April 17, 2019
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Autumn is a sexy bitch. whenever i look at her my pussy feels like its gonna explode! she makes my panties drip! LMAO!!!111!!!111 i have wet dreams about her every night.
Boy 1: OMFG look at that goddess of sexiness! I'd like to have 20 minutes alone with that hoe!
Me: Back off mutha fucka she's mine!
Autumn is a sexy bitch
by YoMommuh February 10, 2007
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