27 definitions by Erock

The most honest and truthful person you will meet. This person will always be your ride or die. Not afraid of anything. A true meaning of a warrior! This person is humble loyal but don't piss them off. Overall great person that gives great advice.
by Erock July 7, 2015
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when you get your weener stuck in your zipper
ahhh my weener is in my zipper
by Erock February 3, 2003
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Teeth that are round and have no sharp edges.
She doesn't scrape cause she has cock teeth.
by Erock January 9, 2004
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A girl who won't get wet and will use your cock as Kindling in her vaginal fire.
That girl was a firestarter.
by Erock April 7, 2004
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A single man who is used as a sex toy and temporary father figure for a woman who's still married but in the process of getting divorced.
Paula was using Tim as a proxy husband until she figured out what she was doing with her life.

His role was one of a proxy husband.
by Erock April 7, 2004
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Code name for sex, used when you can't say sex.
Playing reindeer games.
by Erock August 27, 2004
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