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(verb) To go into the vagina completely..up to the balls
(adjective) All the way in...balls slapped up against the pussy
"Yo get balls deep up in that Mandy Moore bitch yet? "
by woody bania February 02, 2004
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1) (adj) Specifically, the act of inserting the dick into an orifice up to the hilt, such that the balls rest against the orifice.

2) (adj) generally, the act of doing any activity hardcore, all out, and as fully as possible.
ex 1. Q: Where were you last night?
A: Balls deep in some slut's filth.

ex 2. We hit the bars balls deep last night- I feel shitty.
by Proud to be November 16, 2005
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To insert one's penis into any of the three holes on a female up to the balls, so they slap against the our edge of the hole.
Tom: I got balls deep in Mindy at Jennifer's party right there in the kitchen.
Nate: Dang, Tom! I wanna slam her hard. Did you know that your brother got balls deep in her too afterwards when you were drunk?
Tom: That hoe... She had more fun than me!
by Sexy Stripper Queen March 06, 2017
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In the literal sense, this means to insert the penis in its entirety into a females vagina, leaving nothing but your balls outside of said vagina.

It can also be used to imply that the action or event was taken to its extreme, with no other possible courses of actions available.
Joe: "Dude I came back to my controller and you were balls deep up in my ass."

Me: "Ahahahahahaha!" *accidently walks off cliff on map Jungle in Black Ops

Person 1: "Dude, we're balls deep in the Middle East now that Obama's president."

Person 2: "Not as deep as I was in your mom last night."

Person 1: "WTF?!"
by The One Who Sees... June 21, 2011
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when your magic stick is at max travel in your partners anatomy
i usually prefer to be balls-deep bout three times a day....only a sufer knows the feeling
by Big BNP January 29, 2004
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When a male inserts his penis into a partner all the way to the testicles.
"It was great, I was balls deep in this chick."

"Shit dude, my moms walked in while I was balls deep."
by Mary L August 04, 2005
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