When the penis is so far in the vagina, the balls are the only thing on the surface.
Rob kept thrusting till his testicles hit her ass. He was balls deep and kept thrusting, but only with much more force.
by Well, shit. December 23, 2017
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(verb) To go into the vagina completely..up to the balls
(adjective) All the way in...balls slapped up against the pussy
"Yo Pete...you get balls deep up in that Mandy Moore bitch yet? "
by woody bania February 2, 2004
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To fuck someone the full length of your penis until you hit with your balls
I was balls deep in sarah last night
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To insert one's penis into any of the three holes on a female up to the balls, so they slap against the our edge of the hole.
Tom: I got balls deep in Mindy at Jennifer's party right there in the kitchen.
Nate: Dang, Tom! I wanna slam her hard. Did you know that your brother got balls deep in her too afterwards when you were drunk?
Tom: That hoe... She had more fun than me!
by Sexy Stripper Queen March 6, 2017
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1.deep sexual penetration in which the balls are almost in too.
2.can be used as an expression for something overwhelming, ridiculous, exaggerated, or to refer to a large number of things. Also as an affirmative when answering a question
I'm balls deep with broads trying to get at me.

"Are you in to go to tijuana tonight? IM BALLS DEEP"
by Prado February 17, 2008
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The act of sheathing one's cock to the hilt into another's orifice of preference.
"My best friend's wife squealed with pleasure as I sank my man-stalk balls deep in her pink starfish."
by Sweltering Satchel April 29, 2008
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“Hey private, how deep is that ravine? "
"Well its balls deep sir.”
by glenn beck sucks October 12, 2009
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