Long Dong Silver could never get a real hard on, because his penis was so long.
by Jorge December 6, 2002
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An erection of the penile variety. Can i say erection on the internet?
Oi, cowboy from the village people! Did the leather man give you a hard on?
by Tom Brownlee July 30, 2003
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Why you fuckin' hard on!! I'll fuckin' Carlton Fisk ya fuckin' head with a Lousiville fuckin' sluggah!!
by Qbert July 31, 2004
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having a great like toward something, esp. getting off because of this thing.
My stupid-ass ex-boyfriend has a freaking hard on for making people as miserable as he is.
by Lauren February 8, 2003
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The uncontrolable urge to get even with someone.
You better watch your step, that guy has a hard on for you.
by Mark Axton February 22, 2004
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Threatening, angry, accusatory, entitled and generally mean spirited person usually found inhabiting the blue-collar netherworlds of Long Island and New Jersey (and probably Florida). Union laborers, store owners, police, bosses, government workers, toll booth clerks...usually anyone in a position of power or who controls the actions of others, no matter how minimally, and their tendencies to take out their frustrations with the world on their fellow human beings in a nasty, accusatory, judgemental, vindictive and sometimes violent way. Usually used by people guilty of this trait themselves, as they navigate their sad lives through the sea of like-minded Hard On's they have to interact with daily. Probably derived from the usage of Hard On as penile erection, and the need to gain immediate physical relief from it's urgency in a male, powerful and imposing way.
"Be careful with Rocco at the plumbing supply place, he's a fu**ing Hard On"

"I wouldn't mind scrubbing these toilets if the boss wasn't such a Hard On"

"I know I'm guilty of drunk driving, but that Judge who sentenced me was a real Hard On"
by Jesco July 18, 2005
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derogotory phrase used to describe a lowlife, small insignificant person.
shut up you little hard on
by no April 2, 2003
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