slang term for the act of defocating.
Dude! don't go in there... I just took a grumpy man!
by Ragnar October 25, 2002
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act of dumping in toliet and not flushing, resulting in a pleasant surprise for the next user
I left a nice grumpy at my girlfriends house, it was classic.
by blahblah March 13, 2005
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ugly, nasty, untasteful, somthing that doesnt look right
Dem clothes is lookin GRUMPY!!!!
by Khalil James May 10, 2008
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taking a poop that is so hard and tough that it is just pissed off on the way out
whew! that one was grumpy
by DelbyJ February 14, 2007
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BBC program Grumpy Old Men -
50 year olds moaning about society,
from cell phones to litter on the streets.
Very humorous. Not at all the sexual connotation!
by Martin - Holland May 15, 2006
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You when nothings going your way.
Don't act all grumpy, love. So everythings shit, why should YOU pay the price?
by Krkič September 21, 2020
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alf: man i took that bird home and got a blumpy, no jokes!

fisher: hahaha no you didnt alf, she was like 80, you got a grumpy!!!
by normandymoore September 21, 2006
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