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A practice in S&M/Bondage where a number of clothespins are pinched into the skin of the sub, and a cord is knotted on each. The clothespins are then removed using the cord either in a slow one-at-a-time "pluck" or all at once using a rip of the cord to maximize the effect at once...sometimes to coincide with orgasm.
"She trembled as she anticipated the Zipper's jolting shock to reality"
by SM_Data November 12, 2007
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A death trap for your wang.
"Ill be right there, I Just need to zip up my... OWWW!!!... Damn Zipper"
by TaTaTa Timmay February 23, 2008
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big scar from many stitches, from bullet or stab wounds, etc. or repair of autopsy incision.
by DCMF June 01, 2006
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The individual person who performs the act of zipestra, which is essentially moving the a zip up and down to create some sort of melody.

Somebody who does zipping.
If you were to take the zip on your flies on your trousers, and proceed to zip up and unzip them to the tune of "Back in Black", then you would be considered a zipper.
by Wye Knott October 02, 2010
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the thing that gets in the way when ur masterbating in class and the teacher comes around. You usually get ur dick stuck in it and yell oh fuck me
"ur so hot forest. oh yeah oh yeah. damn here comes the teacher. ouch!
by tristan November 26, 2003
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