1. sex between a male and a female
C'mon baby, lets got get a pizza and bump uglies back at my place.
by Bud E Love May 15, 2003
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doing the nasty, fucking, making love, screwing, having sex.
No, mom. Me and Amy were bumping uglies when you called last night. It was off the hizzoook!
by Luvmaker November 15, 2004
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Lisa; " Did you hear about Juliana and Eric?"

Kelly; "Yeah I heard they've been bumping uglies for a while now!"
by Kelbelle118 May 2, 2008
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"Bumping Uglies" is when two unattractive people are copulating, and, the average person would be repulsed to witness such an act.
Of course the word 'unattractive' is really a relative concept isn't it.
God, I can't imagine my parents "doing it", they're a couple of 'bumping uglies'.
by mjr December 6, 2003
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A euphemism for sex. See your local human anatomy book for more detail.
by warren b October 21, 2001
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